Microbiology & Plant Pathology Black Lives Matter Statement

The Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology joins in solidarity with our Black community of students, staff, and colleagues to strongly condemn racism. As a department, we pledge to continue our work implementing policies aimed at advancing diversity, equality, inclusion, and justice in our community by:

1)    Immediately forming a Committee for Diversity and Inclusion (Drs. Emma Aronson, Emma Gachomo, Sydney Glassman, and Alex Putman) designed to listen and help identify strengths and weaknesses in our department, gather thoughts from our students and faculty, and inform further departmental action.

2)    Charging our Committee for Diversity and Inclusion to participate in student admission and faculty hiring committees. This will include:

a. Continuing to support training that addresses racism and bias in the recruitment process of undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff.

b. Direct communication with UCR’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion during the recruitment process.

c. Advertisement of positions through organizations in STEM whose mission is to broaden the diversity of the scientific workforce.

3)    Increasing awareness of systemic racism and a call to action, in particular by asking our community to engage with these resources:

a. Anti-racism resources: a place to learn about these systemic issues.

b. Organizations in need of support: Black lives matter, L.A. bail and medical support, split donation to many organizations fighting systemic racism.

4)    Improving mentorship for undergraduate and graduate students by implementing anti-racism and diversity training in graduate education, and implementing freshmen and major advising by our Department’s faculty for Microbiology undergraduates, to provide more opportunities for support and engagement with faculty.

5)    Broadening community outreach to K-12 and undergraduates to improve access to college and graduate student admissions at UCR for black students.

6)    Recognizing this list is incomplete and, therefore, welcoming additional recommendations aimed at advancing equity and inclusion in our community. #Blacklivesmatter

Please refer questions and comments to,,, and

In solidarity,

UCR Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology

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