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Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Microbiology and Plant Pathology Seminar Series

Microbiology 250 Seminar Series Fall 2017

Wednesdays, 12:10-1:00 pm in the Genomics Auditorium


Plant Pathology 250 Seminar Series Fall 2017

Thursdays, 12:10-1:00 pm in the Genomics Auditorium

September 28

wiphawee judelson

Wiphawee Leesutthiponchai, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
Gene expression profiles of Phytophthora infestans silenced for a sporulation-specific transcription factor

Dr. Howard Judelson, Professor, Microbiology and Plant Pathology 
"Tips on giving a scientific talk"

October 5

Special Time


Samir Droby, Professor, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center

“The role of effector proteins in virulence of Penicillium expansum and P. digitatum on apple and citrus fruit”

October 12

 joseph carrillo

Joseph Carrillo, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
“A promiscuous symbiosis? Invasive shot hole borer symbionts can sustain both Euwallacea spp. vectors in southern California"

Derreck Carter-House, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
"Stinky bacteria and the fungi that smell them"

October 19

 Stacey Haack
nichole ginnan

Stacey Haack, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
"Pre- and post-harvest management of Xanthomonas fragarie to overcome trade barriers of California Strawberries"

Nichole Ginnan, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
"Deciphering the architecture of citrus microbiota"

October 26

 nuttapon pombubpa
priya ravindran

Nuttapon Pombubpa, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
“Biological soil crust microbiome

Priya Ravindran, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
"Viruses in Phytophthora: towards identifying novel biocontrol strategies"

November 2

andrea vuRodger

Andrea Vu, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
"Light-regulated gene expression in Phytophthora infestans" 

Rodeger Belisle, Plant Pathology Graduate Student
"An integrative approach to combat Phytophthora Root Rot on avocado"

November 9


 mehdi kabbage

Mehdi Kabbage, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin

"Co-opting plant programmed cell death using an animal inhibitor or apoptosis"

November 30


Nikalaus Grunwald, Professor, USDA- ARS Corvallis, Oregon

"Novel tools and approaches tocharacterize Phytophthora emergence"

December 7  wilson Richard Wilson, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska

"Principles of fungal growth in rice cells"

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